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Separating the males & females..
The males tend to be a bit more eager to show their gender then the females. Some like to say that the quickest and the slowest are mostly the males. This is not always true. For the real scientists among us.. get a magnifying glass as you don't want to miss a thing.

First visible difference between male & femake Female flower & Male flower with seeds compared Male seed and Female Pistil

As soon as you've spotted the difference, you really want to get rid of your males A.S.A.P. Take them out with the garbage or dispose them somewhere far, far away. The males carry minuscule pollen (sperm) to fertilize the females. And as soon as the male flowers open up they are ready to follow the wind. Without pollen, you will get gorgeous, female buds, but with pollen.. you'll end up with seeds in your bud!

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Did you know... Cannabis and hemp are no longer considered the same plant?  Hemp plants are those of the Cannabis sativa L. family which contain 0.3% THC or less.

Male Cannabis Plant