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New in the collection of Classic Amsterdam seeds are the 100% Female...


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El Clandestino general cultivation tips



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Middle growing phase to flowering..
You're plants are about 5 weeks old now and looking good! Now you might consider to start flowering. To prepare them for a huge hormonal rage, give them water with a tiny bit of pure nitrogen. The first time watering after this you add a bit of enzymes to clear all the salts left behind in the soil. From now on you're going to do this once every 2 weeks, along with the regular food schedule. Your instincts tell you; tonight is the night.. and you shock the plants by dropping the amount of light hours to 12 on and 12 off. You also can put the light a little closer then before. The minimum distance should still be at least 50cm. The first couple of days it will seem like nothing is happening, just be patient. 7-10 days after the shock the first signs of their gender will occur in the 'arm-pits' of the branches.

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Did you know... Cannabis and hemp are no longer considered the same plant?  Hemp plants are those of the Cannabis sativa L. family which contain 0.3% THC or less.

Male Cannabis Plant