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New in the collection of Classic Amsterdam seeds are the 100% Female...


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El Clandestino has worked hard on creating some new varieties to add to the classic seed collection...


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Time to update the 2001 El Clandestino seed packaging to current times. Better pictures...




El Clandestino general cultivation tips



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Place the seeds between several layers of tissue paper on a saucer, add luke warm, distilled water and leave the seeds to soak for 24-72 hrs. This all preferably in a dark area and room temperature. In this period of time you will see the seeds sprouting a white root. As soon as you spot this, take them out gently, press a little hole in the pot of soil, (+/- 1- 3 cm deep) don't cover it up completely, give it enough air to breathe. Settle the pots in a sunny spot behind glass or UV light. Spray water on it and keep doing this for about 1 week and the first signs of your plant will appear above the soil. Now they are old enough to be settled under HPS lights. Keep a minimum of 75cm between the sprouts and the lights, otherwise they burn.

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Did you know... Cannabis and hemp are no longer considered the same plant?  Hemp plants are those of the Cannabis sativa L. family which contain 0.3% THC or less.

Male Cannabis Plant