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• Feminized Seeds »

New in the collection of Classic Amsterdam seeds are the 100% Female...


• New Varieties »

El Clandestino has worked hard on creating some new varieties to add to the classic seed collection...


• New Packaging »

Time to update the 2001 El Clandestino seed packaging to current times. Better pictures...




El Clandestino Cannabis Seeds are available online, and in quality shops and stores throughout Amsterdam. Look for seeds in your neighborhood!


If you have questions regarding the selection, orders & delivery or for distribution info. please contact the El Clandestino office, open daily from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. GMT +1.00.

El Clandestino

El Clandestino
The Netherlands

fax.: +31(0)20 411 67 94

Bank acc. (Postbank): 5103313

BIC: PSTBNL21 IBAN: NL26PSTB0005103313



Before ordering your seeds, note that due to law and regulations, we are not able to send Cannabis seeds to certain countries.




Did you know... that

the effects of Marijuana are similar to effects occuring naturally in the human brain?


The World's Most Versatile Seeds


Cannabinoids are found in vertebras as well as invertabras, such as leeches and molluscs, which means that cannabinoids have probably survived for more than 500 million years of evolutionary progress.